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LAMBERTI ENTERS IN KALICHEM ITALIA. We are pleased to inform you that Lamberti has joined hands with Kalichem Italia located in Rezzato (Brescia - Italy) and operating in specialties for the Cosmeceutical and Toiletries field. The combination of our long-standing expertise in technologies, Research & Development, formulations and applications, will boost the continuous growth of our presence in important market such as Cosmetics and Personal Care.

"Company Profile"

Kalichem SRL is active in the cosmetic sector and specifically in hte production of raw materials used to develop cosmetic products.
We specilize mainly in the research, development and production of cosmetic ingredients for cleanising and beauty skin care.
Our ingredient are innovative for the sector, particularly they are of vegetal origin and/or have a low impact on the environment, from renewable source,  easy and safe to use. They are delicate, dermocompatible and with an organic activity similar to the physiological activity of the skin.

The Company has a team of experts on raw materials for cosmetic use with a long-standing experience in the research of original and innovative ingredients for the cosmectic sector.
Our research is carried out within the company itself, making use also of the collaboration of university institutes and of the most renowned professionals of the sector.

Kalichem was established in 2004 in Botticino Sera, near Brescia,  by Francesco e Giambattista Rastrelli, both chemists of  long family tradition. After many years of successful achievements in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic products and raw materials for cosmetic use, the Rastrelli brothers decided to target the know-how acquired applying it in Kalichem.

In Botticino Sera are located the research, development and quality laboratories as well as the administrative, commercial, marketing and management departments.

Innovative scientific and medical proprieties are key factors in the development of our products in an ever more demanding market.

We are one of the very few Italian companies with its own list of raw materials. They are divided into two main macro-areas:

• Raw materials for technical use which act in formulae as functional ingredients

• Active ingredients which give to the finished product its particular functionality

The catalogue contains five groups of products:



-Vegetal Lipoproteins

-Active Principles 

-Natural Moisturizing Factors

Quality, safety and efficacy of all our ingredients are vastly documented and certified.
Kalichem’s production satisfies the increasing demand of ingredients POE and PEG free. In fact, Kalichem’s products are of vegetal origin and free of ethylene oxide while versatile and with pleasing cosmetic properties like Vegetal Lipoproteins.
Raw materials by  Kalichem SRL include:

Vegetal Lipoproteins: 

-Surfactants and Emulsifier based on olive oil 

-Olive and vegetal proteins

-Delicate Co-Surfactants with an effect  pearl   PALMITOILGLYCINE

-Viscosity builders

-All vegetal proteins wheat, oat, soy, silk, milk.

-Natural moisturizing factors based of vegetal origin.

-Innovative Functional ingredients

  Kalichem Srl Via Alessandrini, 8 25086 REZZATO (BS) ITALIA
kalichem@kalichem.it - Tel +39 030 2693532 - FAX +39 030 2193581